Jacksonville Beach, Florida

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Click on this link to access an index of Corps yearbooks. Dave Webb, r, w’91, has generously provided server space for us, and provided the framework for our Corps website as well. Each annual can be downloaded as a pdf at http://www.redcrosslifeguard.org/annuals/ . Tom Byerly, r, w’60, scanned every page of every annual to make this possible. Tell Tom and Dave thank you when you see them. The 50th and 75th commemorative ARCVLSC editions are also available here now.

One Response to “ARCVLSC Annuals”

  1. Kenneth Clanton, '45 says:

    I was a member of the winter recruit class of 1945, recruited by Captain Rocky Reynolds and served on the beach until 1949 when I moved away from the Jacksonville area.

    I had hoped to view the annuals published during my tenure and recapture a bit of one of the proudest periods of my life. They aren’t available right now but I’ll check back again from time to time. A long time ago
    I gave my annuals and some photos to Marshall Griggs who was acting as Corps historian at the time.
    Ken Clanton