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The membership section is up and running. Log in with your user name and assigned password, then you can change your password. Send me any suggestions for what features you would like to see in the Membership section. If you have difficulty accessing the Member Resources section or do not have a user name and password, let me know. Hammurabi – dspvbfl@comcast.net
ONLY REGISTERED MEMBERS ARE ALLOWED TO MAKE COMMENTS. General correspondence may be sent to the webmaster, David Stearns at dspvbfl@comcast.net. We check the comments every week or so.

5 Responses to “Membership Section”

  1. Don Dollar says:

    Class of 64 or 65

  2. maurice rudolph says:

    winter 87

  3. Alaric Gardine says:

    Greetings from the Virgin Islands. I just wanted to say everything is well, and sorry i will be missing the banquet tonight. Enjoy yourselves tonight…

  4. Mark Ballinger says:

    Class of 75

  5. dbew says:

    Winter 64 Thank You ,David Stearns for the INFO to get back in on this wonderful Web site. 🙂